Diabetes MY Journey Continues

To continue on my journey I found a new Doctor who was staff was a lot more patients oriented.  The new doctor set up a treatment for me that help control my diabetes. It consisted of checking my blood sugar before and two hours after every meal. I was also on medication that was to allow my body more effectively uses my natural insulin that my pancreas produces. Unfortunately I was only with this Doctor for a few months because my insurance company changed and I had to find a new Doctor.  I did find a Doctor and continued with my treatment.All Pages

Diabetes and Agent Orange

When I started my journey, I said it all started when I was a United States Marine stationed in Vietnam. Little did we know that Agent Orange would end up causing diabetes. Several years after I became a diabetic I stopped a local restaurant, Aunt Fannies.  While sitting in a restaurant and speaking with the owner, she found out I had diabetes. She informed that her husband had diabetes also and that it was caused by Agent Orange in Vietnam. She also advised me to check with the VA to see if I would be eligible to receive VA benefits for my Agent Orange.

After consulting with several local vet organizations, to get help with all the paper work, I was able to get a VA rating for my diabetes. It did not give me a big disability pension but did cover my medical expense with diabetes.  With my new doctor working in conjunction the VA clinic, in my area of Florida, we were able to maintain our diabetes within normal parameters for a diabetic. One problem that developed from the medication I was on a weight gain. I did not find out the medication cause you to gain weight until much later and 90 pounds heavier.

I was constantly dieting and watching all the carbs that I ate. Even with this diligence I was still gaining weight. Right when I turned 50 years old I weight about 205 pounds. After that the wait would not stay off, all I had to do was look at food and I gained weight. At 35 years old I weight right at 150 pounds so in 15 years I gained about 35 pounds.  That is a little over 2 pounds a year.  Not a whole lot to get concerned about but a trend I did not want to continue.

Diabetes and Weight

Once I enter my 50s, the weight came on like I did nothing all day but eat. . The most I ever weight was about 315. This happened even though I was eating rabbit food for a while. No matter how hard I tried I just cannot lose weight. I did find one crazy diet that would take the weight off but my doctor said that it was unhealthy for me. From what I understand, as I gained the weight because of the diabetes, it leads to several complications developing. These are situations that I had to deal with over time. Hoping this does not happen to you if you have diabetes.

Diabetes MY Journey Continues