Diabetes Symptoms – My Journey

Diabetes, it all started when I was a US Marine in Vietnam. I did not know it then but about 20 years later I just could not drink enough water and could not stay out of the bathroom. You probably heard the saying “in one end and out the other.” Well I was a walking, talking, and breathing example of that. I did add another twist to it, all of a sudden no energy.

Hey I am a Marine and I used to race catamaran sailboats, so that just wasn’t me. After visiting my doctor and explaining all this to her; she wanted to run an A1c blood test. I said ok but had no idea of what that was. So I’m off to the lab place to have blood taken.

It’s what – Diabetes

Not the next day but the day after I get a call from my doctor’s office to come that day, no appointment needed. Oh my God, what did that A1c find maybe cancer? Later I found out the A1c test measured your blood glucose level over a 3 month period. It is the average level of blood glucose (sugar) as opposed to test for your blood glucose level, that just an instance in time.

The glucose level in blood varies all day long, shortly after eating it will shoot up and falls after exercise or stress. So I was informed that My A1c level was above 9.0, very high, and that I was a diabetic. Wow what a shock. What do I have to do? How will this affect my life style? What about work and a thousand other questions pop into my mind.

Starting reading all the information I was given about diabetes. The internet back then was nothing like today where you can get information on any subject. Some of the information was scary, some water down and some did not make sense. Being single and eating all my meals out presented some problems.

Being on the road as a sales person was another challenge. Here are a few of the new things coming to my way and yours if you are just getting diagnosed with diabetes. Glucose meters, test strips, counting carbs, new medication, monitoring kidney functions, high blood pressure, and list of can’t eat foods and many more questions. I even had a restaurant look up the carbs in their salad dressing. Hey Dr. Atkins you’re looking better or so I thought.

Clinical Trial for Diabetes

As time goes on some things start to become clearer, until my doctor sign me up for a clinical trial. No more regular meds but new stuff and some will get placebos. Not to worry they will monitor us to make sure that our glucose level doesn’t get to dangerous levels. All is well until my Urologist does his standard urine sugar count and informs me I need to get on some meds that my sugar is through the roof. No more clinical test for me.

I called my family doctor that I saw the day before. The office manager would not put through to the doctor or the nurse practitioner to write a prescription for me because they have to see me first. I explained that I was there yesterday but the best she would offer was an emergency appointment on Monday, it was Friday. My Urologist tried to get through to one of them; doctor or nurse practitioner, and the office people would not budge. They always ran late from over booking, I assume, so she must have been worried about starting the weekend late.

So I just went to their office, after being advised not to wait to Monday. At first they said they could not see me I would have to come back Monday. I would not accept that and they were going to call the police on me. I said go ahead and I would call the local papers and give them the information about my diabetes condition and being refused treatment. To make a long unpleasant story short; I had to wait several hours but I did get my prescription. To be completely fair, my doctor had no idea this was going on but did back up her staff about not putting the call through.

Diabetic Coma

I suggested that they could have passed her a note but was told that is not how they do things in her office. The office manager decided that it was not that urgent and could wait until Monday, it is only diabetes. My Urologist had told me that he was surprised I wasn’t in a diabetic coma. The next week I found a new doctor.

This is the first in a series of articles that I will be adding in hope of sharing my experiences with you.

Diabetes Symptoms – My Journey